Aug. 12, 2021

Teresa Episode 56 & 58: Love is in the Air

Teresa Episode 56 & 58: Love is in the Air

Join hosts, Carmen and Cristina, as they break down episodes 56 & 58 of the telenovela Teresa. In episode 56, Juana is heartbroken over Teresa’s dress choice, while Teresa tries to lie her way out of it and Aida and Genoveva continue to mourn Paulo’s death, but then Aida makes a drastic choice. In episode 58, Teresa & Profe continue to prepare for their wedding, Juana & Cumberto get it on, Aurora gives love a chance and Aida tries to become a better person.  Topics include what we think about how drugs and drug dealers are portrayed in telenovelas and media in general, Carmen’s rant about The Hate U Give and why we could never be bookstagramers. Many other topics are discussed and many laughs are had. We hope you enjoy it! 

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Music credit: Jimmy Fontanez/Baila mi Cumbia

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