June 30, 2021

Teresa Episode 35-37: Teresa & Profe Finally Kiss

Teresa Episode 35-37: Teresa & Profe Finally Kiss

Join hosts, Carmen and Cristina, as they break down episode thirty-five through thirty-seven of the telenovela Teresa. In episode 35, Esperanza discloses her relationship to her parents, after getting caught making out with Ruben with her stepdad, Teresa permanently and dramatically ends her relationship with Mariano, while her and Profe get to the next level. In episode 37, Aurora tries to talk sense into Teresa, Teresa and Profe get more serious, while Mariano wallows in misery. Digressions include the stigma around divorce in Mexico and other countries, Carmen’s love for reality tv dating shows and (insert one more topic) . Many other topics are discussed and many laughs are had. We hope you enjoy it! 

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