May 5, 2021

Teresa Episode 33 & 34: Refugio Almost Dies

Teresa Episode 33 & 34: Refugio Almost Dies

Join hosts, Carmen and Cristina, as they break down episode thirty-three and thirty-four of the telenovela Teresa. In episode 33, Teresa settles into her new home, while Mariano deals with their break-up and Refugio lands in the hospital. In episode 34, Refugio is still in the hospital, the vecindad rallies around her, Armando gets fired and Aida gets proposed to in the worst possible way. Digressions include how we cannot believe we have to pay to see (thanks astigmatism), Michael and Jan in the Office/the use of the word “babe” and the traditional belief that a daughter in a Hispanic/Latino household cannot leave unless she is married . Many other topics are discussed and many laughs are had. We hope you enjoy it! 

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Music credit: Jimmy Fontanez/Baila mi Cumbia

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