March 10, 2021

Teresa Episode 28/29: Teresa Says No

Teresa Episode 28/29: Teresa Says No

Join hosts, Carmen and Cristina, as they break down episode twenty-eight and twenty-nine of the telenovela Teresa. In episode 28, Teresa and Profe put the gossiping crew of haters in their place and celebrate their success with Luisa and Mariano catches Fito in some shady stuff. In episode 29, Teresa declines Mariano’s proposal, Profe gets aggressive with Teresa and Teresa begins to enact her revenge on Paulo. Topics include the ways in which the media portrays people from low-income areas, the time Carmen’s friends had to take her phone away and how you won’t catch us tying any ties. Many other topics are discussed and many laughs are had. We hope you enjoy it! 

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Music credit: Jimmy Fontanez/Baila mi Cumbia

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