Sept. 16, 2020

Teresa Episode 2: PowerPoint Pettiness

Teresa Episode 2: PowerPoint Pettiness

Join hosts, Carmen and Cristina, as they break down episode two of the novela Teresa. Topics include internalized classism, inappropriate relationships, MORE WAP and petty PowerPoint presentations. Many other topics are discussed and many laughs are had. We hope you enjoy!

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Music credit: Jimmy Fontanez/Baila mi Cumbia

Note- at At 27:57-28:06, Cristina keeps saying Genoveva but actually meant Aurora!

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Unknown Speaker :

Hello, this is Cristina and Carmen and this is known novelas con cafecito, a podcast where we re watch the novellas from our childhood while drinking coffee and critically analyze them. Come watch with us. Hi, this is Christina, and Carmen, and this is Novelas con cafecito. Today we're talking about the second episode of Teresa and sipping some cafecito. Should we summarize this episode? Should we just start? No, let's do like a, like a brief summary before we Go scene by scene. Um so in this episode I don't know I took notes scene by scene I don't remember what happened like no Same! in this episode Teresa goes to a party. Yeah with her friends. Her supposed friends. Fake ass friends. Yeah. And then gets outed as poor you know, I didn't know that was a thing until this episode. I do. I don't know. But I mean, I don't think it's a thing for anyone else, right? No. And then she swears she's gonna get revenge and things happen in between that but I think that's the main thing summary. Yeah, yeah. That she's gonna get revenge on everyone. Yeah. Okay, so we start out the episode with where we left off on the last one. Mariano and Teresa are like super heavy breathing. before they're about to kiss, and then they don't kiss, but it's like, he does like that then like, nevermind, I can't. Yeah, but why are they breathing that heavily? like, Hmm, I think that's what the gif the heavy breathing cat gif came from. That's what he sounds like. Like them about to kiss was so weird. You know, they always do that in TV shows and stuff when, when people like are about to like cheat and stuff. And yeah, I'm like, do people actually do that? Like, like, no, I can tell you from experience. No, I'm just kidding. My face. Uh, I don't know what I meant by that. Can I tell you how I interpreted that? Like, you're you're on the verge of cheating. You're gonna kiss someone then you're like, Oh, nevermind, I can't do this. Really? Pretty much. Did you say that? And then then he's like, Oh, are you okay? And then he does like, a 180 and he's like, who those are your friends? Yeah, yeah. He's like, Are you are you okay Teresa? And she's she's like, Yes, Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for saving saving me and then he's like, and those are the those people yeah. I don't know where he's like, whenever you're rich friends Hmm. That's the type of people that you want to hang out with. That's who you want to be like, rapists And then Instead of like, saying, Yeah, he was wrong. She's like, Yes, they're my friends. And they're super achievers. Not like you you're trash like, what? It's like, um, he just saved you being raped by one of your rich friends. Like, those people are achievers and you guys are losers. And rightfully He's like, no They're not achievers their parents are yeah her parents are the real true achievers and no no that's not what he said. That's what he said was parents are he said cuz she says that her rich high school friends are achievers yes like like yeah so then he said no their parents are achievers they haven't had like they haven't worked hard for anything like they were given that I misread that complete Miss watched that completely I thought he said note that our parents are the real achievers. They're just out here working life, you know, living trying to get by? Yeah, he said I don't think so. I know I'm pretty sure okay, I think he says something like that after come from old money. Are their parents really achievers? No, no, they're just put up. I want to mystic is Oh, I can't you know, I can't speak English. Yeah. So yeah, yeah. So uh, Yeah, they're just take advantage of working class people under them. Yeah, yeah. Just like their parents did. Yeah, exactly. Because according to Aida, I mean, which we'll talk about later, you know, they don't get the best families in Mexico. And they come from all the money. I think it's I either What did I say, Aida? Oh, after watching the second episode, I'm pretty sure it's Aeeda, Aeeda. Okay. I've been saying Aida the whole time. Anyway, and then medanos like, by the way, I would have stopped for anyone. It's not because it was you. Really, Oh, really? Well, that makes sense. Because the environment we have grown up it makes you violent and want to fight like it makes you prone to fighting. Just you. Yeah. You mean, then she won't get in the car. She's, yeah, she's worse than my child who loves getting into his car. He'll just climb in there. He's like, all right. Buckle me in. Yeah, he loves it. Wow. Blessed. I had to buckle this to baby in their car seats in last week and I'm going to also this Monday and they were crying the whole time and the whole ride. Oh, how annoying. Mateo just chills in there and he's like, look at the cars cars cars which Teresa was not like that. She was like No, I won't get in the car. He like pushes her in my car seat. Yeah, he's like he's a little I don't know. domineering. Yeah. Um, excessive excessive force. I don't know. Yeah. That he put her in the car and then she's like, he's like put your seatbelt on. She's like, No, no, I will not put my seatbelt on like a like a kid and then belt. He says, You're like a child. Yeah, and you know what? I was wondering, you know, when she was all like, defending someone who just attempted to assault her and saying Oh, yeah, it makes you prone to violence or whatever the neighborhood we grew up grew up in. Um, you know how there's a term for internalized misogyny and internalized racism? Is there such a thing as internalized classism? Yeah, but that is that has it? Yeah. She's like the ultimate. Yeah. Yeah. I just feel like I've never maybe I don't read enough, but I've never heard that. Well, if not, you just coined it so we're gonna trademark it. No, I'm pretty sure. No, I'm pretty sure it's a thing. No, you're right. So then they get home right after that. Yeah. Are your notes out of order? I think they are. I think so. Oh, no. Okay. I thought it because I thought right after that. It went directly to Teresa's house, but it doesn't know, isn't it Paulo and his mom. Yes, it goes. Okay. Oh, I thought it went to Esperanza's family, which is super random. Oh no, yeah, no, you're right. But it's because it comes back. Yeah. But it is. It does seem like weird. It's like yeah, at first I was like, Who are these people? That's what I said. But it's so it's a sick boy, which is Esperanza's brother or son, Brother, brother. Right I haven't figured it out. I thought it was her son. I thought it was too but I think it's her brother. Because then the other ones like how did you get this medicine? And they're like, oh, Esperanza gave me this at her job. or something. Her job that she doesn't have. But does she talk about him like, like he's a son? Maybe he is. I think he's her son. Dad. What happened to him? They don't Whatever. I'm not sure. I guess it doesn't matter. There's the sick boy in the family. Yeah, and somehow related to everyone there to Esperanza and that Yeah, but and Johnny right Johnny is her brother. Yes. Johnny is for sure. Esperanza's brother. Okay, so I think that's how it's son. Okay, you're probably right. Sure. And they can't afford his medication and they think Esperanza has been working and giving them this medication. Yeah, from her non existent job. And that's what we learned from that scene, and then it goes to. Okay, so then it goes to Paulo picking up his mom. And she's okay. Okay, you're finally here, my chauffeurs late. boo, boo and then he's all standoffish. He did just try to rape Teresa. So I think Yeah, but of course he doesn't say that. No, he doesn't. Like she's Oh yeah, Mariano beat me up because I tried to rape Teresa like, no. So his mom's like, Hey, what's wrong? Talk to me. Why are you ignoring me? And then he's like, out of nowhere he turns. He's like, you know why Teresa's parents weren't really there. They can't even afford a measly ticket to our ceremony. What you have to pay for that? Oh, my God. I wrote down the same thing because I'm like, okay, but is he talking about the graduation ceremony? Or is he talking about whatever kind of party the that was? I wouldn't have paid for that. Party, but it's like it's like prom where you had to buy your ticket. Oh, yeah, I forgot prom. Was it free of prom should be free. Everything should be free. JK. Um, but yeah, um I guess I'm not sure what he's talking about, but I was like, do they have to pay to go to graduation? I don't think it's that they couldn't go it's that she didn't invite them. No, she's ashamed of them. He's wrong still. Although could they afford it? I don't know. And then he's like, She's like, how did you get her and he's like, oh, it happened at the gym Know what? weightlifting was he doing? that he would do his head right away. I just I don't know how that would even happen. Right the gym like those aren't gym injuries, but like a like a good mom. She believes him. I wouldof been like you're lying. No, you're lying. There's no way Mami would know mami would have known. Cus she knows everything. She never believed anything. We remember that thing, which is like cuando tu has what the hell does that saying? Oh my God, Cuando tu vas? Yo he ido or some shit on that too. Yes, no, cuando tu vas, yo ya fui y regrese. Yes. Oh yeah, I was completely wrong. I probably I think I got it a little right. But clearly Genoveva has not been there and done that. Yeah because she just believes by Paulo or she doesn't care cuz she's one of those moms probably that one. And then that scene ends we end the scene with Paulo and his mom and we go to I think it's Teresa's house with Dona Juana, Rosa, which is Teresa's sisters name? I just learned that the second episode. What's her name? Rosa. Rosa. Yeah, and then I I didn't realize Juana's name until the end of this episode. Dona Juana Dona Juana, my bad. Although she looks too young to be a Dona. Yeah. Like what I think of Okay, yeah, but in the media and TV shows, anyone over 20 is an old hag. That's true. And Teresa's mom is there. And then what? What Teresa's mom's name? Teresas mom. Her name? I don't know it. Um, let's see. I and they're just I don't think that seems that important. But then Teresa and Mariano walk in during that part. Oh, this is when they get home. Yes, this is when they get home. Okay, okay. Yeah, cuz then she gets home and he's all like some guy just tried to attack her. And then her mom runs to make her tea and then her sister somehow needs to help making tea. Does it really think that what people need takes two people it's like some other daughter together is a really good tea for when you were just attacked on this trauma. Your other daughter attack? Yes. Yeah, you're right. Let's see. So Mariano just leaves right away. And then dona Juana is like Oh, that is what happened. And somehow Teresa is more hurt about Mariano's words then about Oh, yeah. She's like, yeah, Mariano humi-. I can't say this word. I'm not gonna say it. Yeah, hum- Oh, humiliated, humiliated. Yeah, I'm sure I'm saying it weird too. But I almost said humiliated. I think that's why I think now I think that's what I said. Doesn't matter. ESL. Teresa is like Mariano me humiyo And that's what she's mad about. Not about being attacked. Yep, priorities, I guess. Yeah. And let's see. Then we go to Mariano's house. He's talking to his dad. Mm hmm. And he's like, Yeah, I just had to drop off Teresa to her house. And heI was like, What are you to do? And again, yeah, he's like, never. She's always like, oh, and she she? Yeah, since she started at that little preppy high school. She forgot about us is ashamed of us. And I think that's it for that scene. Yeah. Yeah. and we Go back to Teresa's house and she's in her room smelling a picture of her and Mariano and I completely missed that the first time I watched. Oh, really? Yeah. Good thing we rewatch. Yeah, I was like, What? What is she doing smelling that picture? It was super weird. I don't know if people do that in real life. Have you ever done anything? I don't I don't have you have Oh, pictures like that. Wait, I don't even have any little first of all. I don't think I have anyone in my life that I miss. So much that I would need that. I would miss so much that I sniff all those pictures away. Yeah. Like if you if you were doing that, then you wouldn't be happy relationship right now. No, yeah. You wouldn't need to be sniffing pictures of your ex in your dark room. crying. super weird. Yeah, yeah. She could have just looked at it. But no, she had this method. Yeah, so weird No no no. Yeah I don't know what is going on there but that's what she's doing and then we go to this random ass Genovena. Oh, oh that was so weird. I'm like why is Genoveva so weird about? What kind of like does this I know you've liked my son for a long time like what Rest assured I have not lost interest in your interest in my son? What? Excuse me? Is this like a meeting like a professional meeting near your propositioning or son? Are you giving him away? Like that's what it seems like? I think that's what rich people do anyway, when they get their kids married off, right? That's true. Yeah. In the old days I don't know about now. It's true now to know, I don't know. I don't I don't know. But she goes to A Doll's House and they're cheese man. She's mad about Teresa and she's um Oh, yeah, I just I think I know you're gonna say hello babe is like that as a betrayed Paulo. And then I was like, Wow, she cheated and then she's like no worse worse we'll get expelled that's what I thought of Hermoine. Oh my god, or worse expelled like no hermoine dying is worse know I still can't get used to saying Hermoine's name right and I still say Hermoinee I can't. But yes, she pulls out her a Hermoine she's POOR cheated no worse poor. I tried to say it dramatically, but that was bad. Well, we're not known to be actors so you're right, you're right. but when she said that I did a double take you know like that meme of like I like that's okay. I guess that's worse and then and then I this reaction is super funny. She's like, Okay. Oh, pobre. Oh, pobre. No way. Yes. And we go to Esperanza and teresa. I think right after that scene. Yeah. And then that's when they're having a little cafecito cafecito like us right now. Yes. And I just love that every time you like in the novellas and also like when we were at home and stuff with mami, that you have your little coffee, right? And then you put it in a little plate. Yeah. Why? Cuz you don't have coasters. But then, I guess they have tons of plates like, yeah, cuz plates are cheaper than coasters. coasters are expensive. I bought a set of coasters from Etsy office coasters and oh, yeah, they were really cute. Yeah, and came with four but they were it was like 20 something. Oh, my, I shouldn't have I still don't own any coasters. So I bought some when I went to visit you from the Portland rose garden. think oh, we Oh, yeah. Those are the only two. I have here. Here am I apartment? How much were those? I don't remember $20 probably. There were like tourists things. Like, like Teresa, I would just put it on a plane. Mm hmm. So they're talking about how Esperanza and Ruben. That's his name, not whatever I said the first episode, you said Hernan. I don't know why. I think that's his real name. That's similar. Is it? How did you know that? I saw the credits and Oh, the name was there. So someone in the show is named Hernan. I don't know who, huh? So they're talking and she's like, yes. Ruben and I met when he was in the hospital. He was, quote, unquote, separated from his wife and he was just, that's what they all say, her son or brother, whoever it is. I think it's son, but I can't let go trust me on this. It's her son. Okay. So her son was in the hospital to sick and they couldn't afford the treatment. So he paid for them. And then they made out something like this how they started getting But how? At the hospital they may know at the hospital while she was he in the hospital. He was like this. Yeah. She said he was sick and separated from his wife. Oh, you're right. They were talking and then they like we're heading heading on each other at the hospital. I know. And she told him how she can afford any of the medicines and treatments for her son. And then he's like, Oh, well, why don't you do this, like, work for me or something like that. And then they, I guess we started spending more time together because she was like working for him and, you know, rich men in their power positions of power. Taking advantage of young woman. Well, I mean, she's not that young. But still, you know what I mean? There's a power differential there that he definitely took advantage of. Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, but she knows. It's more powerful than she's, and he doesn't know what. Yeah, he does it. And then he says they're in love. leave his wife and then she says it again to reassure herself. He's gonna leave her. Yeah. And the whole time she's like telling this to Teresa you can just see that it sounds like plotting. Later against her somehow her reactions are fantastic. She's like, really? Oh, where? Oh, he paid for what? And she's like, he looks so familiar. Yeah. Does she know who he is? I feel like she does, but she has it too obvious, but I feel she has to know. Yeah, she doesn't know she's gonna figure it out soon. Cuz you know? Yes. Yeah. And then then we learn Esperanza. This is where we learn Esperanza left her job like that. Yeah, like a dumb ass and then she was all the hooking up. I just can't work. I don't have one. We didn't have time to hook up and work like okay, what how we all do people anymore. I'm married. But everyone 100 who doesn't have time for that? I don't know. Everyone works either a part time or full time job. And they still have time for hoeing activities. Yeah, somehow can balance and people do it with kids to nothing, because I've married. Is that why she doesn't have time to hook up with him? I don't know. I think it wasn't like a power thing for him. And he made her quit her job, but convinced her that it was her idea because you know, men, yes. And heh rich men. Yes, yeah. And so she quit her job. Like a dumb ass. to be a full time sidepiece that's that's real work. That's so that after that, we go back to Ruben, and Aida's mom who has a name probably but right now she's just Aida's Mom. Yes. They're going to Paris and her and I can literally just got done cheating, like, two scenes ago. Yeah, he just seems to go. He's trash. So he's like so full of shit. And he's Like, Oh, I love you so much. I will always love you and I as long as you'll have me takes out her shitty flip phone and she takes a picture of them making out. No, they just they're like little pecs. It's a regular picture. And then her phone rings after she's done taking the picture and get who it is. Paulo. Yeah, and sh'es like oh my god Paulo Oh, she's so desperate. She's tone it down. Yeah, come down and take it down like five notches because he's gonna he knows he knows. Well, everyone knows how desperate Yeah, doesn't hide it. And then what por fin me llamas hang out today. Yes, I was gonna hang out with my mom but forget her. Yeah, fuck my mom. I can go hang out with you and get the D I guess. But he doesn't know he doesn't because he still loves Teresa. Ah, yep. And then we go back to Esperanza and Teresa i guess i think so and then they're talking about the party of I forgot her name the friend or they have in common with Aida and oh this is after Oh their mind so we go back to Esperanza and that is suffered just a second and that it sounds like you need to owe us but on top oh my god I find out Ah, but my bad my bad sir. Yes but that's our leaving and then we see freakin Aida IE that is in Levison Damn. What is she doing at her? She's self like an extra at the VA. I'm like, Are you serious? Who goes somewhere and makes those facial expressions at people? Yeah, so I that goes and she's like, I'm looking for a mechanic she's looking for a dentist. And she and then some lady goes and she's like, Oh, hi little lady. I can help you and like touches a shoulder say, Oh, don't touch me. And then I either somehow almost throws up from this like reactions are way over. Done. And then I that just misses seen that Assad like she doesn't see her there. They Yeah, they leave. Yeah. And then we go to that as an outsider. And there's no college. Yes. Yeah. Mm hmm. And then they're talking about the party. Yes. Which you know, something's gonna happen at this party. Oh, yeah. Or they wouldn't be mentioned in it. And is that all that happens there? Is that or do they know? I don't know. This is where? Hanover Oh, yeah. Stop it. She tells Oh, she asks her. Okay, this is talking about she has to look amazing at this party because she has to make a little jealous. Jealous. Did you hear he said, No. Jealous? I don't know. Anyway, he said it like super like skin jealous. So she wants to make him jealous. You have to look super hot whatever. Out Odysseys Mariano, it's like oh, there's the guy or Yeah, yeah. And then then my daughter wants to show that as that and then Dennis, of course knows who my Daniel is, is trying to avoid all of that. And she's like, oh, no bottles over there. He can't see me like this, even though she looks perfectly fine. Yeah, she looks fine. And then she's like, I have to go. I can't I can't do this. Like her casual is like above casual. Yeah, I heard. She's wearing heels with jeans. That's not casual on a normal day. Like what? Some people do that, right. I mean, I've done it sometimes, but I don't. My casual is like leggings. And that's not like my casual. It's like a little above casual is what I'm saying. No, you're right. Yeah. I'll wear like my sneakers or something. Oh, yeah. Yeah. So she makes up the slide to leave and nasima Deanna? Mm hmm. Basically, yeah. She runs away and then it cuts to the next scene, right? Yes. Then we go to that. So walking into the dad's shop, and I need to know how old john It's supposed to be because you mean like you mean draw sidewalks? Oh, whoops my bike. When does either go to the car shop tonight is Soto sizer first? I think so. This is out of order done. I think it's either who goes Oh, you know what that part didn't seem important to me. So I didn't write it But well, it's not really it's not really that important other than she sees who that is. And verifies for her little. Well, yes, yeah, for her for what she's gonna do later for her plans. Yes, yeah. Mm hmm. And then I'm not really sure what happens next, and then walks in after that. But she's talking about that she wants a cancer. So how old is Johnny supposed to be? Right? Because he's like hell of 13 was Is he 20 something and she's 15 because that's not right, Johnny. Yeah, Johnny's still young. Yeah, yes. Maybe he's like 18 but he's The weights looking team so he can't be a but maybe he's supposed to be a team. What if he's supposed to be 15? To? Nah, that can't be. We know he didn't finish high school. What if he had just dropped out? Because he was like 40 Johnny 40 year old Johnny is flirting with his 15 year old sister. But he I think he's supposed to be in his early 20s. Either one, I believe that he's supposed to be 18 which I think, I don't know. Although I want to say that, like, teens dating guys in their 20s in Mexico is like, it's a little more normalized. And it's still gross. But yeah, what happens here still, even here? Yeah, yeah, when it's still gross. Yeah, I think we knew people who did that. And I judge them. Me too. And I will always judge them. And then this is where we go to Hanover and dress and the bathroom right after this scene. And she's pretending like she doesn't know who my piano is. and Hannah Webb is like, I Couldn't even dream because I was just thinking about his beautiful smile because he does have what? Yes. So I don't blame I don't I don't. And then that sounds like oh, I have Yeah, that's so good. You need to talk to him. Like she doesn't know who he is. She's gonna use this too. And then we go back to rasa and Johnny. I think Johnny Gan they're just talking about him Bina travelon, or something like that. Yeah. And then she's talking about her her competition, right and how she wants him to go. She wants her dad to go and then like, one of them needs to get the day off or something like that. Yeah, cuz it's like, oh, we needed the money, but like gymnastics is an expensive sport. So yeah, so how are they doing this? Maybe she has a scholarship to maybe, but she's not ashamed of it. Yeah, cuz she's like that ESA, and she's like, No, I'm never gonna go to college because I'm not smart like that. Issa. With St. Like, obviously people are telling her Because she has now internalized this like my sister is way better than me. And we for girls, I think everyone in the neighborhood and their parents are telling her all the time how smart that is. If they're telling everyone that a raise Yeah. Because I mean even remember last episode when the who was it, Johnny? Oh, it was Johnny's dad. Right? Who was like, Oh, if only my kids could be like that. Yeah, if only they could be as smart. So yeah, this is why it also doesn't like herself. I'm sure. Haha, let's see. And then after this party, yes, the party, the best team. This part was great. So we get to the party. And I either and Baba walk in. She's like, here's my new boyfriend. We love each other. So she's so proud to show off her sloppy seconds. Yeah, like he's there. They started kissing and he's staring at us the whole time, which is so gross. It's so embarrassing. Yes. And then Hello. Yeah, it's weird. Yeah, because he's not saying hello Oops. I wrote it all over my notes. Oh my god. I just confused them. I don't know why. Okay, I don't like that. So we should go and that sounds like no, I'm too proud to leave. She should have left but if you see that's her problem. She's too proud. down many problems. Yes. Let's see so it doesn't happen yet. So we cut back to grasa right after that. This is where Ross has suddenly faints and her Oh yeah, super funny. It's super slow and she's already like on her knees so the Fall is not that hard. Like why don't you just follow trosa you know what would have been better if she would have fainted mid flip in the air she would have fallen some buildings beam or she was on the you know, the the thing the like, go around and around like Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Pull up. Yeah. Like, like a rag knowledges spell? That would have been funny. But of course you can do those things. She's not a real gymnast. Yes. So she was a little ribbing and, and faints. Somehow. Yeah. Oh, and you know what I was wondering? She's 15. Should they have called them parents anyway? Right? Yeah, we don't have phones though. They're at the gym. There's a office there. No, I meant like that inside doesn't have a phone at her house. Oh, they shared though. I don't know. They should have called them. Yeah, because she's under age. They should notify them if she goes to the doctor by herself. Mm hmm. And then sets this just sets her up to like, lie about what she has because she really really wants to do this dance competition or gym competition. And she doesn't have the the brain capacity to say this isn't a good choice. Even though I really love gymnastics. I'm not going to compete for my health. Oh yeah. She's not gonna decide like she can't Yeah, she she's not there yet her brains not there yet. No. So then right after that we go back to the party. Fucking I either and then she's using she's using like a game host voice to present this PowerPoint. The first before the PowerPoint she's so bright right she says she has a gift for her friend. She's like talking about the well off families or like the rich families of Mexico. hoarders feminism, Mexico, like, Okay, and then she's like online like and we're all from Yeah, and we're all from great families in Mexico, except there is like a hunger game shin. This is imperious shit. Yes. What did you who makes who makes a PowerPoint presentation to be petty like a whole PowerPoint presentation for revenge. She really sat there downloaded the pictures. When this is this is the 2000. So she had her little camera. She connected it to the computer. She downloaded. She downloaded it and who knows when she took those pictures? I don't know. But she downloaded the pictures from our camera onto her computer. And that's it those a lot of work back then. Yeah. Nowadays we just have a pictures on her phone. But you know, back then with our little cameras, yeah. What do they call? She had to take the camera, put it onto a USB drive, connect that USB drive on? Yeah. On her laptop, download it. Mm hmm. Then put this post PowerPoint presentation together and then burn that PowerPoint presentation into a CD. Yeah. That's so fuckin extra and petty. And, you know, um, I don't love it because I that sucks. That sucks. If it was tough. So doing this I'd be like You go girl, like I'm here for it. I'm here for it, but not for it. Because this is so wrong. So she's like kiswa, her dad's car mechanic, gross car mechanic. I know. My dad's a car mechanic, bitch. I have words for you. I either I wouldn't be throwing him this is a noble profession who fixes your cars you rich people. So then Tesla leaves running, they just buy a new car. Yeah, you're right. They don't get those cars fixed. They just they just lease cars probably. Actually. Yeah. And then they go back and they're like, this isn't working anymore. Get me a new car now a new car now. Now, so I that tells by no and oh, no, no, my bad. I would Oh, that tells it that Paolo that they went too far. But if I was out of it, I wouldn't be throwing hands for my friend. Right. And so as she's doing this little presentation, everybody's like laughing and clapping. And I'm like, Is it really funny though? I don't think you would, I think Don't think it was funny. Except Aurora and sound who we forgot the part. Oh, yeah, think about that. I mean, like that. I said that I mean, it wasn't super important. Yeah. Oh shit. You're single enough. That is a no way. Oh, well, let me get at that. Yeah, here's my number come to the Cayman Islands with me. Yeah, he's like, Oh yeah, I'm gonna get a DJ from New York for this party. Yeah. So it wasn't that important, but they're the only ones not laughing. Yeah, yeah. And so then I know it looks kind of a shame but like, I think he regrets it because I don't think he knew that it would. It would have been I think he just even says that he's like, I thought we were just getting back at her by showing up together. Oh, you're right. about that. Yeah, Petey, the hideous PowerPoint presentation. Yeah. So then we go to Teresa crying and then she's crying all of a sudden she starts crying gets like a matter of like, No, no, no, no one will ever do this to me again. I swear by the Just doing this monologue out in the street. Yeah, it was a good monologue. Now one pass by an herder, but we did. Luckily. That's imagine running well, I guess. It happens all the time. Yeah, talk to themselves, but not in a dramatic fashion like that. No. So right after that, so I was having her monologue. rasa. We cut her off at the doctor's and now No, no, no, no, doesn't matter. That doesn't matter. Like catch up to her then or is that a spider? Okay, okay. Shani like these jumpy scenes? I don't like it. Yeah. So the doctors like, yeah, you can't compete for your health. We need to do these lab lab work on you. And then once the results are good, then we'll know what to do. And you know, she's gonna hide it and still compete. Like, Oh, yeah, yeah. It's like when you get your mom in here, and she's like, Oh, well, she's busy working and she can't. It's probably true. Yeah. And then I think after this, it comes back to out Laura and Teresa and then out us following her and she's like, no, I need to be alone. And she leaves and she gets to her house or her missing dad, not house. She gets to her bestie Get it? Right. Right and it's important. She gets to her best dad insurance until don't wanna. And then she's like, everyone laughed at me because I'm poor. But see, look, what I thought was funny is that she can't even really confide in her and like vent to her because she's never told them about her friends from school. And so when she tries to then donate her hormones, like Who are these people? I thought you were like all over Maddie. I know what's going on. You're right. And then she's like Santa porn. They all humiliated me because I'm poor. And then she's like, I hate being poor. I hate it, which is her second famous line. malita pesa. Yes. Audio, audio. Audio. And then the scene doesn't end. It goes back to Rosa and john Johnny. Yeah, he says she's crying at the car. At the Again. Yeah. He's like, Oh no, what's wrong? Um, and she's like crying whatever she says that she can't do her competition. And he's like, let's get a cesco. Let's go. Oh, yeah, I was like, wait, what's that? Just go? How did I not know that? I heard that word before. I've gotten chesticles it's because my meeting and Linda's column cesco so she wouldn't let us he won't either. Because Sheila was such a cool word. She was like, everybody was using that word. And she's like, No, we were like, my sister. She thought she was being a little classist. She was she was being citize she was. You can't use this word cuz because I forgot which word her sister uses and then that si corrects her. Yeah, it's in the next episode. Oh, my God, stop. Anyway, so after that, Joanie agrees that he's not going to tell her parents and he's gonna go with her to do this. Now Mike, what? A it's because he might need some Oh, he can sign for her because he's An adult. Yeah, and she's under age which is wrong wrong. Yes. So we go back to that. So listening to that same marcantonio Sally song. Oh, I wrote down the name they tell you Oh my god. Oh my god, what is it? I need to know. Let me look through my notes. It's called honor vamos a para. Oh, that's like the first words in the song. Yeah. Which makes sense now, doesn't it? Yes. beautiful song. Yeah. So my cleaning playlist. Awesome. Yeah. So then jaquan has like, you're always listening to the song. And then she's like, well, yes. Because you know what? I used to like it but now it just reminds me of a lesson I learned. And then she's dang or her. Honestly, not that I sound like she's crazy. And then goes on to say some crazy as shit. Like, you know what? You know what? I have a gift. I have a gift to make men go crazy. And I'm going to use it and you know what that gift is? walk back to Wow. So then you find us like oh my god Teresa. Aren't you saying right now? And she's like, yeah, yeah. You know what? No, I'm good. But guess what? And she said or not said, Your boy. Yeah. And it's in this one she's talking about, then I think I'm gonna quantify something about DNS, Gabby. We'd love either a new puzzle, or the digital. I don't know. She's something no faster. Yeah, you need to walk a straight line and yeah, yeah. And then gets behind her. So weird. I wrote that. Her head on her shoulder and says, Oh, I'm walking a very, very, very straight line, straight line to my gold straight line to walk Transcribed by