Oct. 28, 2020

Teresa characters

Hola hola, if you are new to Novelas con Cafecito, we are recapping the iconic telenovela, Teresa! However, if you are not watching it, or your spanish is rusty, it can be difficult to know who is who while listening to our podcast. We've created this video, with pictures of every character, so it can be less confusing!

Here is a quick little breakdown, and the video goes into more detail. Teresa is the protaginist, she is evil, but we still stan her. Rosa is Teresa's teenage sister. Dona Refugio and Don Armando are her parents. Mariano is the love of her life and he has  a dad, but we forget his name all the time, and he will be referred to as Mariano's dad. Then we have Esperanza, she is Teresa's neighborhood friend. Her brother is Johnny, he works with Don Armando and is Rosa's love interest. Their mom is Nachita, and they have a sick little brother named Pablito. There is Dona Juana, she is Teresa's godmother and the seamstress of la vecindad (neighborhood). Cumberto/Mariachi guy is Dona Juana's love interest, though she pretends like she doesn't want him. Then we have Profe, he is the guy Teresa is using to pay for her college and his sister is Luisa, though we call her sister Profe mostly. We have Aurora, she is Teresa's best friend and she has a huge crush on Mariano. Aida is Teresa's enemy and her parents are Mayra and Ruben, Ruben is trash and the married man that is dating Esperanza. Paulo is Aida's love interest, but it is not reciprocated because he loves Teresa (he is also her high school ex). His mom is Genoveva and she is one of the many sidepieces for Ruben. There is two doctor siblings, one who helped Mariano and his dad when the mom was sick and the one helpling Pablito now, they are doctores Ledesma.

That is mostly everyone, hopefully that makes it easier to follow!